Tuesday, March 25, 2008


XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
  1. It is shaping up to be a gorgeous day ~ not too hot for a jacket and not too cold for shorts! No matter your temperature preference, you can be happy on a day like today!
  2. We had a wonderful Easter! No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to wrap my head around the sacrifice Christ made for me...and for you!!! I'm so thankful for my redemption.
  3. We have wonderful friends and family with whom we were able to celebrate this special day!
  4. Spring Break was awesome! It was so much fun to have the kids home for a whole week. I will sorely miss them today, and that's a good thing!
  5. One of my children has an activity on Tuesdays that is a step toward fulfilling a lifelong dream. If a desire begins at age two for a child and never wanes, I feel confident in calling it "a lifelong dream". :)
  6. I am so thankful that Mr. Brownstone works so hard to provide for our family. I know he's so tired at the end of each day, but he stays involved with the kids and with me. Tuesdays are the longest day of the week for him because they start the earliest. Say a little prayer with me that he finds the energy he needs to have a great day! He deserves a great day!
  7. "Ten Things Tuesday" has an awesome new button!!! Grab one for your blog!!!
  8. This means that there are some wonderful, helpful people in the blogosphere! Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary and Michelle at Scribbit: Motherhood In Alaska...y'all rock!! Thank you so much for your help this week! I appreciate not only that y'all both took time out of your day to give me personal and detailed responses, but y'all contribute amazing quality to the blogosphere!
  9. And I'd be remiss not to mention Chilihead at Blogging Basics 101. Her in depth blog about blogging has incredible step-by-step instructions for just about every question.
  10. There are some creative and generous people in the blogosphere, too. Dennis Hill and Friends have a great website with amazing photographs, and they...are all...FREE!!!
Ten Things Tuesday Participants
1. Jennifer
2. Dyane
3. mzzterry
4. Jill
5. Jennifer
6. Shana
7. Tyler
8. Mercedes\' World
9. Jason
10. Danna
11. Dallas
12. Kathryn

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Liza's Eyeview said...

I'm thankful you're back blogging! :)

I was just going to a little bloggy break (slow down) when you started back so I did not get to visit as much and did not get to participate. It's a good break, I'm sloooowly coming back to a more active posting. Maybe by next week I can participate in Ten Things Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

I was confused with the email about Ten Things-oops. I am currently working on mine-not sure if it will be this morning, or this evening! I really enjoyed your list! Great new header graphic. I will be checking out your links to those that have helped and inspired you. I would like some more help and inspiration for my blog (Mercedes Rocks) too! Thanks for inviting me!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, there are a TON of great people in the Blogosphere. I love knowing so many of them; I feel very lucky.

Happy Tuesday! It's still coat weather here, but not for long (I hope).

Jenn said...

Love it and glad that you found some help!! Happy Tuesday!!

Jenn said...

I did it twice...the first one didn't link to today's post, it went back to last week's so I had to fix it...I know you would want me to soooo, I did!! he he he

Dyane said...

Glad to take a moment on this crazy morning to stop and remember all I have to be thankful for in this instant!

Mzzterry said...

Hi. I have got my list up & i THINK I got it done correctly!! =)

I am thankful for a chance to dwell on positive thoughts this morning. i look forward to this, may God bless you efforts!!

Jill said...

Love your list & love your question mark cloud! You did a great job on it!

Melanie said...

WHat a great list! I truly enjoyed reading about your thankfulness.

ET said...

Thanks for hosting "10 Things." Reflecting on the good is soothing to the stay-at-home mom's soul, isn't it?! Love the graphic, too!

Anonymous said...

First Timer! Woohoo! I finally made it! I think I understand the concept of this meme! I started mine this morning and just finished it up! Thanks so much for putting up with me-lol and inviting me to participate! Hope you enjoy! Here's mine:

Skelty said...

Well, I did it. It was done in haste, but I am still thankful. I am the first male to participate?

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Ladies...be sure and welcome our first male contributor! Thanks, Skelty!

Chilihead said...

Thank you for the link love! :D