Monday, March 3, 2008


One week ago today, I was doing what I like to call "blog-surfing", where I click on blogs from other people's sidebars! (I like to use the term "surfing" in my everyday life because for those of you that know know that this is the closest I will ever get to actually surfing, as I am deathly afraid of the Shark!) In the process of skimming across the swells and currents of the blogosphere, dipping my fingers in the deep ocean of words without care, I eventually carved my way through to a blog that had an interesting little meme.

The author began by informing her readers that she could not remember from which blog she had ripped off the meme, as she, too, had been visiting blogs one day. She then tagged those reading the meme, wh
ich obviously included yours truly, to copy it from her and put it on our respective blogs. After all the "fades", and "stalls", and "pumping" on my key-"board, I cannot remember exactly how I found her but do remember from whom I ripped off this little invitation, of course! Thanks to Susan at Not That Girl...This Girl for sharing her "currents" and for providing me with a quick and easy topic about which to blog!

Current Book(s):
Now, don't laugh! It's called Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Reilly Giff. is a "Young Readers" book. Yes...I realize I will finish it in about an hour and a half ~ at the most ~ if I sit down and focus on it. And was a Christmas gift from one of my children. It was purchased with Tornado's very own money from the clearance rack at the Scholastic Book Fair at school. You know that you would read it, too!

Current Play List: In my car, there is currently a whole set of children's song CD's because I am trying to learn some new songs to teach my preschool music classes. Don't you dare ever tell me I'm boring!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: OK, this one is definitely shame-inducing! I currently watch "Make Me A Supermodel" on Bravo. I think I'll just keep my mouth shut about this one, so as not to draw further attention to the fact!

Current Color: Is "jeans" a color? If so, that is the color that I currently wear...Every. Day. However, my current favorite color(s) to wear with the jeans are "jewel tones" ~ purple, green, pink, and blue. I don't have a lot of any one particular color, so I can't choose only one color to be a favorite!

Current Passion: My one and only ~ Mr. Brownstone, of course!

Current Drink: If you know me at all, then you could skip reading this answer...a Route 44 Diet Coke with easy ice from Sonic. Is there any other? The lady in this video doesn't seem to think so!!!

Current Food: Hmmm! For breakfast, I really like vanilla yogurt mixed with Post Healthy Classics Trail Mix Crunch cereal. It's a great way to start the day! For lunch, I am always game for Chipotle. The Steak Burrito Bol with everything is divine! For snacking, I really like Archer Farms Pomegranate Fruit Bars and also Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop Kettle Korn! For dinner, I love home-cooking, but we haven't been doing a lot of it in the Brownstone residence the past couple of months.

Current Wish List: This is a BIG flooring!

Current Needs: THIS is a BIG flooring!!

Current Triumph(s): I just $AVED a whole lot of money!!! And it was not by switching my car insurance to Geico!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: The Super Bowl game that IS STILL on our DVR, taking up 4.5 valuable hours of recording space! I love Mr. Brownstone, but come on...seriously!???!!? The New York Giants win. Who doesn't know that yet?

Current Indulgence: I'd say Sonic, but I think (especially if you really know me) that we all know that has gone way past indulgence. My last spur-of-the-moment indulgence was a whole bag of Munchos. If you have not ever tried Munchos for yourself, then you are missing out, my friends! You know that if there is a Munchos entry on Wikipedia then they must be good!

Current #1 Blessing: I think all blessings are #1!!! However...I am very thankful and consider it a huge blessing that so far my kids have stayed well this season! Saying a little prayer now that we will continue to be blessed in this way!

Current Slang or Saying: "Oh, My Word!" According to Tornado and Twister, this also seems to be the current slang or saying of all my closest friends.

Current Outfit: Today I am wearing jeans and my "Peace, Love, Mom" cozy thermal shirt. I love it so much, I might wear it tomorrow, too!

Current Mood: Happy!!!

Current Picture(s):
Meet Bow Wow Brownstone!

Now, I tag Jenni, Jenni, Jen, Jenn (and no...those aren't typos!), Jill, Cindy, Steph, Shelley, Vicki, Rosheeda, Julie, and anyone else that might want to rip this off from me! If you do rip it off, though, I'd love for you to link back here if you would and also leave a comment telling me so I can come read your blog! If I actually tagged you, leave a comment if you decide to play along, so I'll know to go check your blog ASAP!

OK...this little meme was just supposed to be for fun, but
I just saw that Ann Kroeker is hosting "Monday FunDay" ~ "a carnival dedicated to swapping simple, amusing – maybe even silly – everyday ways you enjoy good, clean fun" ~ over at her blog. Since today is Monday, and I thought this was a really FUN meme, I am making it my Monday FunDay post!

You can find other fun ideas over at Ann's blog,

and y'all know...we can all use a little fun now and then ~ especially on Mondays!


Susan said...

Mi meme, su meme...

My pleasure to share AND to meet you!


Ann Kroeker said...

What a great idea for Monday FunDay--jumping on a meme! I'm so glad you joined in the fun and offered a glimpse into your world.

And...sigh...I could use some flooring, too. In almost every single room.

It's great to meet you! Drop by Monday or any day!

My name is Shelley Suzanne said...

XBox gal, too many requests. I just cannot operate like that. I have to live up to my reputation.