Thursday, March 6, 2008


Then I've got just the place for you!

My friend Jill is going out-of-business, and she makes the cutest hair bows! All of the items in her shop have a 25% discount on top of the already low prices and will remain discounted until everything is gone!!!

Swing by her site
Kaylynn & Co. Bows, and take a look! You will be so glad you did!

And if your answer was "no"???
Swing by anyway, and you'll be just trying to think of someone for whom to buy these cute bows! But never fear...Jill has some really cute picture frames and also some great bow holders, which could be used for hair clips as well!

The wonderfully creative person that she is...
Jill also has a new blog design business!! She makes really awesome blog headers and coordinating sides! Soon "XBOX Wife" will have "new clothes for Spring" from Jilly Blog Designs, and I can hardly wait for y'all to see the new outfit! The prices are super, and you get a LOT of bang for your buck!!! Go see for yourself! If I said it once, I can say it will be so glad you did!!!


Vicki Banta said...

Hey I'll check those sites out! Also I made a thankful list and linked it back to you. I'm so proud of myself, I've never linked to a specific post before! You are challenging in more ways than you know!! Love it!!!

Jill said...

You're a hoot! Thanks for the shout outs! You should go into advertising! I am working on a few designs for you to choose from! I'll email them to you in a bit!