Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you are reading this, then YES, you have found me, and I am very impressed!

Even though each of you have amazing detective skills and the uncanny knack to solve mysteries in classwork, I do believe that you would never be able to use your super sleuth skills to achieve solving a mystery of this magnitude (even though you are all very smart to be such a tender age).

So...if you are reading this, you have solved the mystery and now have the opportunity to win a little prize. Come to class anytime between Monday, March 29, and Thursday, April 1, to provide me with answers to the following:
  • the title of my longest post (and how many words)
  • the title of my shortest post (and how many words)
  • my secret identity
  • your favorite title
  • the post that you think is the best example of a personal narrative (Hint: It's a personal blog, so this one has LOTS of correct answers.)
Winners will receive 5 (you read that correctly - FIVE) whole "Brownstone" Bucks to use in class!

In addition, I must tell you that if you choose to comment, all prize money will be forfeited. This is not a joke. NO COMMENTS from students or your families!


Jenn said...

You are such an awesome teacher!! Love you!

joven said...

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joven said...

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The Ranting Mom said...

I hope my kids have the pleasure of being taught by a teacher like you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

me kno learn much today. I were very sick

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very inspiring, I always respect teachers