Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good morning, Tuesday Friends!

Mrs. Brownstone is currently under the weather with a minor medical emergency.  She is still thankful for many things, include yourself among them!

Please feel free to leave your link for your thankful lists, and please remember to visit each other.

Mrs. Brownstone acknowledges that "Ten Things Tuesday" is not quite back up to speed, but maybe today she will find out one of the things that has been making her feel "not quite right" for awhile now.

Have a blessed day, and remember to give thanks! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good morning! 

This morning I wanted to share some songs with you that are among my all-time favorites.  Music is definitely one thing for which I'm thankful, and there are ten reasons listed below for your listening pleasure.  The list is in no particular order, and it is by no means all-encompassing, but these are ones that either put a smile on my face, bring tears to my eyes, or cause me to sing out loud no matter who is around to hear it!

If you click the name of the song, it will take you to the lyrics.  If you click "hear it", it will take you to an audio/visual performance.  The A/V links are simply ones I could easily find on the Internet, not necessarily the ones to which I personally listen.  Most of the worship songs have become favorites from singing them at church!

  1. Days of Elijah     Hear it.
  2. The Great Adventure     Hear it.
  3. Rescue     Hear it.
  4. Sing     Hear it.
  5. Blessed Be Your Name     Hear it.
  6. It Is Well With My Soul     Hear it.
  7. Elevation     Hear it.
  8. There's A Stirring     Hear it.
  9. Lord Reign In Me     Hear it.
  10. Pride     Hear it.

I'm thankful that for the music that touches my life!  What are your favorite songs?

Have a thankful and song-filled day! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I'm taking some time to be thankful today ~ hope that you will, too!

We have a cottontail rabbit living in our front yard.
And then there are the mallard ducks ~ a male and a female.
Not to mention the bluebird...
Or the redbird...
Or the yellowbird...
Or the black and white bird.
We also have the bumble bees, the roly-polys, the ladybugs, and the butterflies.
Then, of course, we have the squirrels.
There are also the hundreds of small geckos and dozens of chameleons (usually bright green)...
And three GIANT lizards!

We have our own zoo!  I'm so thankful for the giggles of delight that it brings to my ears each time Tornado and Twister walk outside!

What are you thankful for today?  Don't forget to leave your link in the comments!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Good morning!!

This is a quick list - I'm sitting here with one of my siblings (her favorite) so we're off to spend the day together.

  1. It's a beautiful rainy day.
  2. Field Day got rescheduled, so now it's TWO fun days - this unexpected free day and of course the new Field Day.
  3. Thing 3 is funny.  See parentheses above.  :)  Thing 3 added that tidbit.
  4. No one in our immediate family has the swine flu.  According to the media, we should never leave the house...but we do, and we're still healthy!
  5. My husband scored U2 tickets for this fall.  This is a BIG deal in the Brownstone household!
  6. Tornado and Twister share our love for U2.  They first heard them on the way home from the hospital as babies, and now they can tell you the name of every song, as well as the names (and facts) about each member of the group.
  7. Our missionary friends made it home safely to the US for a visit with their families!
  8. I've been doing Boot Camp at 5:30 every morning.  It's kicking my bootie, but I love it!  In just two weeks, I've already got better balance and more energy.
  9. I discovered the most awesomely delicious snack of all time possibly.  Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds.  You should totally try them.
  10. Guys are funny.  It's like being around kids in a candy store with all of the superhero/space adventure/action movies that are coming out right now - i.e. Wolverine, Star Trek, etc.  Can you say "Guys' Night Out"?  :)

Well, that's my list for this week.  So sorry I didn't get to visit anyone last week.  It was a busy one!  As always, until Mr. Linky is back up, you can add your link to the comments!  Visit each other, too!

Have a blessed day!