Thursday, March 13, 2008


I recently read somewhere that an estimated 30 - 40 million people in America suffer from "Dental Phobia". They are so afraid of going to the dentist, they do not seek any form of dental care at all. EVER! There is a LOT of stinky breath out there if 30 - 40 million people are not even getting their teeth cleaned during the year!

I am one of those people that does not suffer from "Dental Phobia". In fact, I'm not even a little bit scared! And that is inspiration enough for my Second Edition of Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I Love About Going To The Dentist!

  1. It's not like the doctor's office. You can usually read the magazines without worrying about catching the flu!
  2. The receptionists are always super sweet because they secretly feel sorry for you.
  3. You get to sit in a really cool chair with lots of buttons and levers with which to experiment when the dentist steps out of the room!
  4. They lay all of the instruments out on a tray in front of you, and you have lots of time to imagine that for which they are used.
  5. They can make pretty pink polka dots on your pearly whites with those little plaque-finder tablets.
  6. The funny feeling you get in your stomach feels like riding a roller coaster ~ only you don't have to wait in a long line.
  7. They have lots of things like movies goggles and cool music to divert your attention from when the dentist says things like "This won't hurt a bit...", "Now you might feel a little pressure...", "Open wide, please...wider, wider..."!
  8. Nobody thinks you're a sissy if you get teary-eyed.
  9. It's perfectly legal to request "happy gas"!
  10. You get to drink from a tiny cup, and then spit in public without being ostracized.
  11. You can slobber and sound like your drunk, but it's still safe to drive home.
  12. It's fun to run your tongue over freshly cleaned teeth and say, "Mmm!"
  13. He's my dad!!! And that's the reason I love most of all!

Now...I need someone to give me a new reason for #13 because the only dentist I have ever been to in my whole life is about to retire! Yikes!!! I could quickly become #40,000,001 if there isn't another great reason!

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Chelle Y. said...

Ah, your daddy is a dentist? No wonder why you are not afraid of them. Me.. not so much! :)

Dette said...

lol - that was a good list! I love the way you wrote it, it was as if I was listening to you tell me in person and we've never even met!

Malcolm said...

I like how you ended your list with the revelation that your dad is a dentist... that was a nice touch. The only pain I really fear from the dentist is the one my wallet feels after paying them off.

Rims said...

:D Its just perspective which matters which changes the way things are :D Heavy Dose from me...

Well maybe if my denstist was the handsomest man on this earth, I would love to ogle him and be happy with the happy gas :D

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

The Most Important Reason #13 (and one often overlooked)

Dental Hygienist are Just All Around Cool People!!!! (even if they are retired)

Although I never 'visited' Doc, I am sad he's retiring... I know his patients must LOVE HIM!!!


Melanie said...

I actually love getting my teeth cleaned. And when I go to the doctor it's because I'm sick or having my yearly female exam- both of which are worse than getting my teeth cleaned.

verabear said...

I'm not really afraid of them, it's just whenever I think of visiting the dentist, I kinda remember how the last one felt. my teeth remember too. hehehe. nice TT :)

oh, and yeah, #13 was the best reason, hands down :)

Lilibeth said...

Ah dentists...not so many pleasant memories I'm least the one I go to now doesn't scare me. I like the way you wrote this. It almost seemed unrealistic until the last one. Good luck finding another dentist.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

How'd I miss stopping in this week? Well, I'm here now.

And you're right. I used to loathe going to the dentist, but this guy I'm currently entrusting my care to is wonderful. And for me, that's saying a lot!

sarah said...

Love, Love, Loved your list. There are certain topics that just make you have a physical reaction thinking about them. I am one of those people who does NOT like the dentist but I do go because I'm more afraid of the alternative. I could probably write a TT about the reasons I don't like the experience. However, I think its so sweet that your dad is a dentist. It will be so strange, I'm sure, for you to go to someone else. Great List! I'll check in next week too!

Jayne said...

Ok, that's a good list. But I have to agree--you've had it easy 'cuz you're dad's the dentist. I've had the same dentist for just over 20 years now and I've finally got him trained (I will gag, dude, it is not psychological. I gag while brushing my teeth).

Geesh, I just got a cavity filled last week and was on pins and needles all day and through the appointment.

I did manage a little coddling from The Man though--he doesn't like the dentist either.