Friday, March 28, 2008


Or do they???

I was doing a little blog hopping this morning and came across
Mad Kane's Humor Blog. She is challenging her readers to write a haiku, a limerick, or both in honor of April 15, otherwise known here in the United States as "Tax Day". Never one to back down from a little poetry challenge, below you will find my efforts!

A little limerick for you:

Mr. Brownstone our taxes doth file,
And never has he cracked a smile;
But this year invokes hollers ~
Due to kids and our walk down the aisle!

And now the haiku:

Why are we waiting
Until the dead last minute

To file a REFUND?


Mad Kane said...

Nice job! Thanks for participating in my prompt. Hope to see you again next week. (I post a new haiku and limerick prompt every Friday.)

paisley said...

fun fun fun.. i too am looking forward to my additional refund... even tho i know there has to be something shady about it... i don't care... . just give me the money!!!!

Neptunebaby said...

Fantastic poetry! Thanks for stopping by my site. I totally fancy yours - the name and design!

Melanie said...

We always do our taxes ahead of time. If we owe- we pay on April 15th. But, if the gov't owes us- we file right away.

loved your poems!

Skittles said...

Good fun!!! We've already done our taxes, got the refund and darn near got it spent. LOL

Thanks for dropping by my blog today. The comment you left for the Caption This contest is in the vote now. :)

CC said...

Cool! We also wait until the last minute for our...refund! Thanks for stopping by my site. Although I am not an Xbox widow (banned from our home), I am a gamer widow as my husband stays up all night once per week playing geeky board games with his friends :)

Anonymous said...

Very funny- I always file asap, because we always seem to get money back... one of the benefits of 6 kids I guess.

tumblewords said...

Too funny! And fun! Great post!

Danica/Dream said...

The same reason I did!! But isn't it wonderful to be done?

Ashley said...

Yay for refunds!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Maggie said...

Nice job!