Tuesday, April 29, 2008


XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Thanks for coming here today! It's been a madhouse of activity around the Brownstone household, and there hasn't been a lot of time for blog reading or writing.
I promise to be back to all aspects of blogging before too long...thanks for still visiting!!!

  1. Mr. Brownstone made breakfast for Tornado and Twister this morning ~ bacon, eggs...all of it!
  2. Tornado and Twister made it in bed by bedtime last night with no fussing ~ the results this morning were evident!
  3. I am not lacking for activities to keep my busy today! :)
  4. It is gorgeous around here! In just two weeks time, our huge oak trees went from having no leaves to being completely covered with beautiful green leaves. It feels so happy!
  5. I think the squirrels are gone, and we did not have to pay to have them trapped or removed!
  6. The repairs for all the damage they caused are almost complete ~ the outside of the house looks awesome with all new trim!
  7. Only a few parents get to go on the field trip for Twister's grade level tomorrow. I was one of the parents chosen to go with them! It will be such a fun day at the Children's Theatre!
  8. We have an exciting weekend ahead for church! Friday and Saturday is the Ladies' Retreat, and Sunday is the Children's Ministry Kick-off!
  9. Though there are a million and one things to do around here, my mind is not overly stressed or distracted. I feel at peace today.
  10. My siblings rock! I feel so very blessed by each one of them and their families!
Now go make a list of your ten things, and come back here to link! Have a blessed day!

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Being a Star said...

Hey girl, I have my Ten things posted. Have a great day. See you Wed.

Rosheeda said...

I handled my business!Enjoy, man!

Lisa Beth said...

This was my first time to do 10 Things and I am so glad about it. Thanks for thinking this up!

Chandra said...

Congratulations on the field trip! Sounds like fun! I'm also thankful for the spring scene change! I was tired of bare branches, all of the green and pretty colors are a welcome sight!

Mzzterry said...

Better late than never, I got my post up!! I hope you are feeling better!

Dette said...

You have been busy!!

Hey lady - drop by when you get a chance? I've got a tag for you. :)