Saturday, April 5, 2008


You will be amazed by what you will see in the following videos!

The first video is long ~ eight and half minutes ~ but it's the one all of the Brownstones preferred. If you suffer from ADD, or if you're the type that needs more immediate gratification, or even if you're simply in a hurry, then by all means skip to the second video. It's the same video, but it has been sped up and put to music. In my opinion, it loses some of the deliberation that is evident in the first video, and the quality is not as good because the camera appears to shake; but that being will get the gist. The third video is slightly different. It's not quite as amazing as the first, but it's only thirty seconds. It also gives you a completely different view of what is happening in the videos.

This one /\ /\ /\ is longer, but better.

What to choose, what to choose... (I'd choose both!)

This one \/ \/ \/ is not quite as good, but it's shorter.

This \/ \/ \/ is a different elephant painting a different picture, but it shows more of the actual elephant than just the trunk!

If only someone had been throwing peanuts... We sat around the computer monitor with our mouths hanging open! They really are rather unbelievable! I did some investigating, however, and the videos are authentic. The Leonardo da Vinci channeling elephants are part of the Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project, a non-profit organization based out of New York City. The elephants reside in Bali, Borobudur, Cambodia, India, and Thailand, as well as one in the United States. You can read more about them by clicking the above link. You can also purchase various items, including the artwork.

Judging by the artwork, I think that the elephant in the first and second video is an eight-year-old female, living in Thailand, named Hong. She can paint two elephant holding a flower and the Thai flag. A similar painting to the one in the video recently sold for $500.00!!! The elephant in the third video is definitely a five-year-old male, living in Thailand, named Paya. His specialty is creating elephant heads!

Heard from the heckle-free peanut gallery:

  • "Y'all come look at this! This is amazing!!!" ~ Mrs. Brownstone
  • "LOOK! He's painting 'hisself', Mom!" ~ Twister, after simply watching (with great perception) the first brush stroke.
  • "Now that picture's a million bucks!" ~ Tornado
  • "The control in his trunk is showing incredible dexterity!" ~ Mr. Brownstone
What did you hear in your peanut gallery?


Nicole said...


I couldn't help but think that animals are even more amazing than I thought, and that was pretty amazing to begin with.

Thanks for sharing that! It made me smile...a LOT! =)

Andria said...

What a talent! I always knew elephants were smart animals.

You are quite a funny person with your posts, and I enjoy your witty style. Keep it up!

Jayne said...

Hehe..I love your post title! Too cute!

You know..there's a book about these elephants. I bought it for my library. When I think of it, I'll send you the title.

verabear said...

OOhhh I saw this video the other day and was so AMAZED! I am happy to know that it's not a hoax as some people say. I haven't shown it to others yet so the only one shouting at the gallery was myself! :)