Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's been a looooong week in the Brownstone household, so I am foregoing what I had planned for my Fifth Edition of Thursday Thirteen, and giving a loud shout out to Dette at Dance of Motherhood for this great Thursday Thirteen idea! She did it last week, and it was awesome! And as far as my great plans for this week? You'll just have to wait until next week!

Thirteen Things About Me...In The Moment!
  1. I AM...very, very tired today! Tornado and Twister have both been sick and have not sleeping at night!
  2. I WANT...two things ~ 1) for my babies to feel better, and 2) a new washer and dryer. OK, technically that's three things. Or is it four if I'm hoping that both of my kids feel better soon?
  3. I HAVE...wonderful ladies at my church that are amazing spiritual mentors, as well as mentors for everyday life.
  4. I WISH...that everyone who visited my blog would comment!!! :) Comments are fun to give and to get!
  5. I on a budget! But at the same time...I'm so glad we do it.
  6. I FEAR...that I will never catch up on our laundry!
  7. I REGRET...not finding out about blogging sooner!! It's a fantastic stress relief.
  8. I LOVE...Mr. Brownstone! (<3 sigh!) I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband. I should tell him that more often than I do... I love my kids, too! They are bring me so much joy!
  9. I ALWAYS...make a list each day of ten things for which I'm thankful! (Check my Tuesday blog entries, and join me!)
  10. I AM NOT...loving the squirrels that have demolished our house trim.
  11. I make my kids laugh, but I totally rock at Dance Dance Revolution. Go figure!
  12. I CRY...a LOT these days ~ when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm inspired, when I'm angry, when I'm tired ~ sometimes at the oddest times and sometimes just because.
  13. I my head all the time, under my breath most of the time, and very loudly in my car.
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Randilin said...

I LOVE DDR... Check out rock band if you haven;t already its a blast...

Great list...

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You gotta sing loudly in the car. That's why they have roofs.

Take care of the kids! I know it sucks when they are sick; we all go through these periods and they are hard, hard, hard. Holler if you need moral support.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I hope the babes feel better soon. I wish I had a new wsher, got the dryer a few months back.
Nice TT this week, should you like mine is one of the numerous posts available today.

Reiza said...

I'll help make #4 come true. :-)

Oh and I'm right there with you on 6 and 13. :-)

Jayne said...

I'm up..just slow.

annie said...

Loved your list!

Nicole said...

Oooh...I like this list. Nice and to the point, unlike mine! =)

I hear your busy week in your list. Hopefully you will find time for a nice quiet cup of tea, or a hot bubble soak, or something pampering of that nature that I myself never quite get to do, so I wish it for you b/c you deserve it!

Thanks for stoppin' by again, and yes, you are right, I will SORELY miss the "South of the Border" food in Tejas. But I still go back to Massachusetts every now and again for clams, so my guess is I'll make a trip to Houston for some good ole TexMex too! =)

Have a great weekend!

Starrlight said...

Good list! Happy TT =)

Arlene said...

What agreat list, and what a great attitude. So many people these days are never happy with what they have. They never sing loudly in the car, and they are missing out of one of lifes great pleasures. Any favorite songs?

verabear said...

Oh my! How could I forget Thursday? Seriously, I have no TT this week because it totally slipped by me that it was Thursday again! ahahah

Anyway, I hope I did my part in granting your WISH, hehehe :)

Thanks for stopping my place too! I had fun doing my 14 bit. hehhee. and oh yes,if you're a fan of both drew and hugh (yeah, we're close ;) ) you'd definitely enjoy Music & Lyrics :)

Joyce said...

Thank you for visiting my Thursday Thirteen and commenting. :)

I enjoyed your meme very much. I NEED TO COPY YOU. :)

Hope your little ones feel better soon!

giggles said...

I loved this meme, I wish your kids well, and hope you get the washer and dryer! Seems like you have everything else worth having. A joyful heart indeed! Love your positive attitude!

Hugs Giggles

Danna Ramsey said...

Oh, x-box wife, your party ideas are fantastic! I don't know why I didn't think of bingo, that's Sophie's "very most favoritist game in the whole world". :-) Thanks for being a good friend!

My name is Shelley Suzanne said...

I will challenge you in a ddr match. name the place and time. be there or be square.

Jill said...

You have squirrels... we have a woodpecker, yes a woodpecker who loves to peck at our siding over our chimney! It drives me CRAZY!!! Sometimes I go outside and just scream at it! I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts... It has destroyed the siding!

Digging for Pearls said...

It was fun to read about you.

I wanted to let you know that I am having a book giveaway. To enter all you need to do is post ten struggles you face as a Christian woman and also your age. If you have a few minutes, come check out my blog. Thanks and God bless.

e-Mom said...

Ohhhh, I'm sorry you're feeling unwell. Maybe you'll perk up over the weekend. :~D


e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Shana said...

I always love reading your blog. Yesterday's post made me crack up.

Oh..and as for you and Jill..maybe you need to invest in a bb gun .:)

The Invisible Mo said...

I love singing in the car. My kids are used to me and they were always nice enough to warn their friends before they rode with us anywhere! haha. Even when they were teens they were kind enough to not roll their eyes. At least while they were still in the car.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can share the recipes, but I'm one of those cooks that flies by the seat of my pants, so you might have to tweak them a little.
Let me know which ones you want.

Lilibeth said...

sick babies do put the washer and dryer to the test. It sounds like you are handling it...sorry about the crying jags; the singing and dancing will help.

LaskiGal said...

I wish I had DDR at home. But than again, I'd never get ANYTHING done.

I'm not a fan of budgeting, but until we win the lottery, it is our way of life. Helps keep us humble!

Can't even discuss the laundry. It is like a fungus in this household!

I love your thankful list--what a great idea!

I have leaky eyes, too!!!

I hope the babies feel better!!! Have a wonderful weekend.


Dyane said...

If we lived closer I could at least hope that I did you a favor . . .

Prayers for healthy kids quickly!

Amanda said...

Happy TT. I am tired too!

Smiler said...

I'm not much of a singer, I tend to whistle sometimes though. But I do cry at the drop of a hat, for any reason. Just a few minutes ago, at the end of a movie because of one scene that I found sad. Thanks for your visit!

Nikki said...

Yes, that's where I got the idea and I snook your sentence starters for my first Thursday 13's.... thanks!!!