Tuesday, September 2, 2008


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XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Good morning!

  1. It's a gorgeous day here in the South!
  2. It smells like we might be getting some rain!!
  3. There are leaves tumbling down the street ~ the first signs of my favorite season!!!
  4. We tried a new curriculum on Sunday in the class we teach ~ the kids seemed to like it, and so did we.
  5. We enjoyed a nice lunch after church on Sunday with friends we haven't spent time with in awhile.
  6. We bumped into not one...but THREE friends we haven't seen in a LONG while on Sunday.
  7. We spent some quality time with Mr. Brownstone's family this weekend.
  8. We spent some quality time with MY family this weekend.
  9. We have parents that love us and our kids. They are also very generous. Mr. Brownstone's parents take us to dine out almost weekly. My parents purchase the majority of back-to-school clothing. We provide the hugs and good conversation...not to mention the grandkids.
  10. Tornado and Twister are regaining their focus and organizational skills since school has started.
Please keep the Brownstone family in your prayers. Twister is still struggling with illness and is on ANOTHER round of antibiotics. Everyone else is battling off illness so far but it's throwing it's best one-two punch. Please pray that I will be able to get some rest, too. This four-hour-a-night thing isn't working too well for me!!!

Have a blessed day, y'all!

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HisFireFly said...

I'm back from holidays and happy to post a new list of thanks!
Praying for your kids, health and well being and great new year at school!

Jendi said...

So fun to chat with you.

Glad I could join in.

Fall is my favorite season also.

Thanks for having the html for the button. So nice!

Meredith R said...

It is a gorgeous day here, I'm going to the the boys outside!

Mzzterry said...

We dodged the predicted rain! Just drizzled and sprinkled all day long. I am very thankful for that!

Shara said...

I'm such a dork. I posted "Ten Things" on my blog today and forgot to add my link until now. Sorry.

It was good to chat with you today! Hope you're not getting washed away with the rain. We sure are.

aloted said...

I pray for healing in the Browstone family in Jesus Name.

Once again I can't find where to link! Maybe it is my computer or something...(is it on the main page or do i click another link to take me there??). I used to see it right after your ten things tues post

N.B- I combined my ten things tuesday post with another post...u can check it out

Jenn said...

Girl!! That stinks about the sick bug at your house! Give me a call later today when ya'll get moving and fill me in!! We are thinking of ya'll!! :)

David and Olivia said...

I didn't realize you all were sick! That's nasty and no fun, especially when school starts! It was good to see you a bit last night, but we certainly need to get together one last time before we take off. I love reading about how much you enjoy spending time with your family! :) There's just something about that that makes me smile. I feel the same when I'm around mine.

aloted said...

a week after, now i see where to link but i cant link! lol

hope u doing good?