Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
Good morning, Y'all!

Thanks for dropping by ~ if you're here for the first time, I hope you'll join in and express what is blessing you today! If you do join in, be sure and put (first time) by your name so others will know to give you an extra big hello!

If you are a repeat visitor, thank you for coming back time and time again! All of your thankful lists have been such a blessing to me. I am often reminded to be thankful for something that has been overlooked!

  1. Yesterday was the first day of fall! And fall, don't ya know, is my most favorite season of all!
  2. The weather has been perfect! It's sunny but not too hot in the afternoons, and the mornings have been chilly without being too chilly. Just perfect, I tell you...perfect!
  3. The squirrels are going nuts for nuts right now! It's been fun watching them. Earlier in the year, they would have driven me nuts, but they don't live in our attic anymore, so all is well!
  4. The trees are starting to change ever so slightly. We don't get the never-ending canopy of bold, beautiful colors like New England, but the changes that we do get are still beautiful!
  5. The smells are changing, too. I love the smells of autumn!
  6. There are so many fun things that are going on right now ~ football games, marching bands, school craft fairs and carnivals... It's just a really fun time of year! Nobody is too hot. Nobody is too cold. And the wind isn't blowing everyone down the street!
  7. I have been getting to wear some long-sleeves in the morning the for past week or two. I do not love wearing summer clothes, but I simply adore the "winter wardrobe"!
  8. This time of year brings a renewal of friendships. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of my girlfriends just as much in the summer as now, BUT...we get to see each other more now that all of the kids are back in school. It's fun to catch a quick breakfast here, or a leisurely lunch there.
  9. This is the only season that has two names ~ I can't think of alternate names for the other seasons anyway! I like that you can be relaxed and call it "fall". It sounds so comfortable and casual. OR...you can be all fancy and call it "Autumn"!
  10. It is time to break out the soups and stews! Meals in a bowl just do not sound that good when it is 100 degrees outside, but we are a soup and stew lovin' family! Mmmmm!
What are you fallin' for this autumn?

Ten Things Tuesday Participants
1. Shara @ Momintransition
2. ~Stacey~
3. HisFireFly
4. Kesi Keys (first time)
5. Melissa
6. mzzterry
7. Kipi
8. Carolyn
9. Chandra
10. diana/sunshine
11. Danna
12. Kellie
13. Sharon
14. MeChele
15. Julie

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Shara said...

I love fall as well! And I love the fall colors you used for your list. Very cool!

HisFireFly said...

Your colour scheme was delightful, as was your list.

My ten things are up!

MeChele said...

I love fall too! I love your ten things, very thought out! Have a good week, praise God it's fall!!!

Shannon said...

What a great list! That is a great thing to do!

Kesi Keys - Virtue of a Conqueror said...

I love the idea of "ten things tuesday". I love the fact that you can reflect on the good in the midst of whatever storms are raging in your life. I will soon post my 10 things and link back. Great idea!!!

mholgate said...

Hi there! This is my first time participating. Thanks for doing this. It is so good to just sit down and list off things that I'm thankful for. What a blessing! I will definately sread the word about 10 things Tuesday!

Game Feaster said...

Very cool, glad to hear that we can ALL play video games. I may be a guy, but I hear your pain.


Mzzterry said...

I am about to make my weekly list! I think we might have squirrels in our attic. Eek!

David and Olivia said...

Fall is fun, I agree, especially when you're in a place where you can enjoy the change of colors in the leaves!
Also, I wrote a ten things on our blog today... was inspired by you! It will probably be a one-off thing every once in a while for us, but I loved doing it and love the concept! Just thought I'd let you know! :) Thanks for putting that in my head!

Kipi said...

Fall is my favorite season, too! Have a great week!

Chandra said...

Oh girl, I can't get enough of fall! The weather is amazing, it makes my mood improve just by opening the windows or going outside, I love it! OH, and I also LOVE snuggly winter clothes. Have a great week!

JenniBeanV said...

I do love fall...once I get into the back to school swing of things! I love the decorations and Halloween candy and cool air...

diana said...

what a fun carnival. i'm so glad you visited me or i might have never had met you and your blog.

i love the fall and came up with 10 things i love about this time of year. hope you will stop by.

Kellie said...

Just want you to know that as I'm typing my ten things, the hubs is playing x-box...

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

This is my second Fall in Texas and am so thankful that it has "arrived"! Now I can use my patio more...

Thanks for checking out my blog under BATW's Texas list. Are you in TX too?

Melissa said...

Love your list! We have such a short fall in Dallas that I think we may have had it last week and now it's 95 again. :)
I do love high school football games, though. They're my favorite way to spend Friday night.