Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In honor of the

I have decided to conduct a weekly poll (or two) on this blog.

While I cannot say that there will never be a political poll here (especially since all polling is anonymous), I CAN say that most of them will NOT be political in nature. If your house is anything like the Brownstone house, then you are getting enough political polling without this blog adding to it! To prove my point, I will conduct a poll for every political call we personally receive.

You can find the poll box (or boxES) located in the sidebar under the "Ten Things Tuesday" button code box. All polls will be up for seven days. I'm excited to find out more about all of the XBOX Wife readers, and hopefully you can give me some ideas of how to make this blog better. I promise to throw in some fun, too!

Y'all be sure to warm up your voting fingers!!!

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