Tuesday, August 26, 2008


XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Hi, Y'all! Can you believe that summer is almost over and that school has begun? It was the shortest summer vacation the Brownstones have had in a long while. It was fun, and we were not ready to get back into the swing of things just yet...until the first day of school was actually here, and Tornado and Twister really loved their classes, their teachers, and their friends. I think they actually like having a schedule, too. I know that it's been good for me!

  1. I am so thankful that Tornado and Twister got wonderful teachers this year! (Who am I kidding, though...they have had wonderful teachers EVERY year!)
  2. They each have some of their very closest friends in class with them. In fact, Tornado has a culmination of all of the favorite friends from each school year ~ how great is that!!
  3. Everyone was well on the first day of school!!! That is a really big one! Last week was feeling "iffy" since Twister had strep throat, and Tornado suffered from some severe migraine headaches. It was a weird week! Everyone is doing great now, though! And that's a good thing because we had to hit the ground running for school and other activities.
  4. I have a rejuvenated spirit today after spending some awesome quality time with a lot of my friends yesterday! We had a lovely, long lunch together to cry happy tears and sad tears punctuated with yelps of glee that school started!
  5. I am completely caught up with my PTA office duties. That will only last for another five hours, but hey ~ those five hours will be bliss!
  6. I seem to never be caught up with my home duties the last couple of weeks, but Mr. Brownstone still loves me! :)
  7. We had some computer problems earlier today, but they were actually able to get the problem resolved quickly ~ maybe this list isn't too late!
  8. We have eliminated a HUGE amount of clutter in the past few weeks! We had so many things that were waiting to be delivered to other places, and finally most of it is gone!
  9. I've been staying up late to stay caught up with the aforementioned PTA duties, so I've been really tired. Because of that, this morning I have not one, but TWO tricked up Diet Cokes with easy ice from Sonic!!!
  10. The weekend was amazing! I spent quality time with some of my dear friends and with some new friends, too. We attended a Women of Faith conference, and the time was such a blessing!!!
Go and have a great day! Remember to count your blessings!!!

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Jenn said...

2 diet cokes? I'm feeling it, girl...I think I'm about to break down and go get a coke soon...I am soo dragging and my coffee hasn't kicked in and it's been way too long!! Happy Tuesday!!

Jill said...

I think I need a coke too! I think all of the energy has been sucked right out of me today! Had a great time with you at lunch yesterday!

Mzzterry said...

I had two meetings at church today. I took a large Sonic Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper with me, it got me through!
Great list today.Yeah for friends to laugh and cry with.
Yeah for school starting!

Jenn said...

Where is everyone and their lists today??? I got my coke and now I'm good!! Had fun with ya'll this afternoon!

Chandra said...

I posted, I missed doing it last week! I loved your post this week!

Shaffer family said...

PTA is a lot of work. You definitely need your diet cokes for that!

Myra said...

Hi! I'm Chandra's mom and wanted to say thanks for the 10 Things Tuesday link. I loved thinking about a few of the things that have blessed my life.

Our Family! said...
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