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On the first Monday of every month, e-Mom at Chrysalis hosts "Marriage Monday", which is a challenge to blog about a specific topic that is linked in some way to marriage. I am a long-time reader, but this is the first month that I've actually participated by writing! It's my goal to backtrack and address each of the topics she has presented over the past year ~ there are some really great ones!

The topic for this month's
1st Monday Every Month at Chrysalis

What a timely topic! All too often lately, it seems that people are suffering from debt. And not just small debts. Bills are getting paid late, or not at are being foreclosed...BANKS are closing! There are strains placed on our wallets, our physical health, our marriages ~ not to mention our kids!

So what is the answer?
How do we separate ourselves from the masses that are drowning in a sea of debt?
How do we turn this:

into this:


Following are ten ways that the Brownstone's try to live ~ most we follow always, and one just when we just need to cut back a bit (I'll confess, it's Sonic Happy Hour!) ~ but all are ways that have helped us a some point in our lives:
  1. Read the Bible! Turn to God's word and see what HE has to say on the topic of finances.
  2. Plan your day. With gas prices so high, it makes perfect sense to develop a plan of action for the week and map out where you need to go.
  3. Somewhere along the way, we became a nation of daily designer coffees and Happy Hour soft drinks. Whether it's $5 or $1 a day, you can save a bundle by drinking more water!
  4. PAY CASH!!!
  5. Turn off those lights. And by all means, price compare for electrical services!
  6. Do NOT try to keep up with the Joneses...or the Smiths...or the Rockefellers! Let's face it, we aren't all oil tychoons ~ and that's OK!
  7. Don't try to keep up with your parents! While I'm sure they are lovely people, are most-likely worth admiring, and are a good example of where you'd like to be someday, remember that they've got at least twenty years on you! Success doesn't have to come overnight to be sweet!
  8. Remember that just because something is advertised as a good deal doesn't mean that it is always a good deal!
  9. Get back to simple family fun! Remember Game Night? Remember playing in the park or at the neighbor kids' house after school? It almost seems like it has gotten competitive to see who can participate in the most extra-curricular activities. And while I am NOT knocking extra-curricular activities, or anyone's choice or desire to participate in them, I AM saying that it's OK to say no! No one should feel like they have to because everyone else is, and no one should look down on another person's choice to "sit this one out in the bleachers". It's OK to take a breather when you need it!
  10. Did I mention PAY CASH? If you can't pay for it with cash, then wait! As attractive as whatever it is seems, it will be even better if you don't have to use the plastic! Cut up the credit cards, or keep only one in the freezer if you feel you must have a security blanket. Take a Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey. He will teach you how to handle debt and budgeting with a well-laid-out plan.
Saving our pennies is not always easy, but the reward of financial freedom is so worth it! So invest in a little bank, save your pennies, put $5 in the jar every time you skip a trip to that coffee place, put in a few extra dollars when you organize your errands route, watch how quickly that bank gets fat! Who knows, we could be calling you "Rockefeller" before you know it!

e Marriage Monday community is a "diverse group of joyful, Godly women...young, old, seasoned, and newlywed." Come join in anytime ~ you just might learn something new! You can find out more about joining the Marriage Monday blogroll here.

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e-Mom said...

You have some excellent tips here, Jill, like paying cash... what a winner! Also drinking more water. LOL, my latte consumption has dropped to almost zero over the past few months. God bless you as you endeavour to live more frugally.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday this month!

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Denise said...

Great tips, thanks.

Mrs. Querido said...

FPU revolutionized our finances! Great tips :)