Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Good morning, Y'all!

Things are looking up on the computer front here in the Brownstone home!  We have a new Internet service, and today it is actually working...  Keep your fingers crossed for us, there have still been issues with that one!  Several early birthday and Christmas presents later, as well as a partial company reimbursement, we also have a new computer!  (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)  I haven't quite figured it all out yet, and I need to contact Mr. Linky to have the "Mr. Linky" capabilities reinstalled, so today there is not a box where you can link.  Please accept my apologies for that, and please feel free to add your link to the comments section!

Thanks to everyone for dropping by  ~ if you're here for the first time, WELCOME!!! I hope you'll join in and express what is blessing you today! If you do join in, be sure and put (first time) by your name so others will know to give you an extra big hello!  You can also find the code for the graphic, the guidelines, and the inspiration behind "Ten Things Tuesday" in the sidebar.

If you are a old-timer, thanks for coming week after week!  Y'all rock!
  1. I am thankful for our new Internet service.  It's been a frustrating few weeks, but hopefully things are finally resolved.
  2. We have an awesome new computer.  I've never had a laptop before and can already see the massive benefits of it compared to a desktop.  There is a lot to learn about this new one, so have patience with me!  
  3. It was so nice to log in and see that friends that still visit, even when I'm on a break!
  4. We had a fun Trunk or Treat at church on Sunday night.  Lots of unfamiliar faces came through, so I'm hoping we will see them again at church!
  5. We have such good friends ~ I've felt so disconnected with our limited communication abilities, but each time we're with our friends, it gives me such a feeling of contentment.
  6. Our families are always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it be babysitting so we can have a night out, or giving us early birthday and Christmas presents so we can communicate.  That is only a small glimpse of the ways they help us!
  7. There are the tiniest little birds hopping around outside my window ~ they are so cute!
  8. Our two wonderful children are having such a great year, not just at school but at home, too.  I am so proud of them!
  9. I am thankful for humor.  Whether it be dry or slapstick, it's always fun to have a good laugh!
  10. I am thankful for great movies that make you cry.  Sometimes it's good to have a good cry.  As I'm typing this, one of my favorite movies is playing.  If you haven't seen "Antwone Fisher", you need to rent it and watch it.  Then email me, and I'll tell you more about why I love it so much.
Thanks again for your patience with my "Mr. Linky" issues!  Have a blessed week everyone!

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Jenn said...

Here is my link!


Happy Tuesday!!

Liz said...

I am so happy you are up and blogging again!!!

Here's my link:

mholgate said...

So happy to hear you are back! I posted my 10 things today at http://sevenmatters.blogspot.com/

Have a great week! : )

The Aspenberg Family said...

WElcome back! So glad you are back and blogging again!!! WE've missed you!

Liz said...

WOO HOOO!!! YOU ARE BACK AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!! YAY!!! (sorry for the shouting I am just so happy!!)

HisFireFly said...

I'm so happy to be back after two weeks away from this wonderful place! Work has kept me away.
Praise God for your computer restoration too.

Dyane said...

glad you are back in the cyberworld!

Being a Star said...

I have completed my list...a little late in the day but always thankful.

Lanii Be Good said...

I'm so glad you're getting back together! What is "Trunk or Treat"? My church calls it "Hallelujah Night" and there are games and candy and a costume contest.


Meredith R said...

Great list! Last week, I looked out my window and remembered "The Birds." They were everywhere! My four-year-old was not so impressed. I think Curious George was on.

Skelty said...

Its late.