Tuesday, July 15, 2008


One of my blogging friends (and a fellow Ten Things blogger to many of you) has posted that her daughter, who is expecting a baby in February, is in the ER with pregnancy complications.

Please pray for Terry and her husband. Pray that they can be a source of strength to their daughter and her husband. Pray that they will draw their strength from their relationship with the Lord God Almighty.

Please pray for their daughter "Bean" and her husband "JBaby" right now. Pray that they keep their hearts focused on the Lord. Pray that they will have peace and comfort in this scary time. Please pray that Bean will remain safe and healthy.

se pray for the sweet unborn child growing in Bean's womb. Pray for the health and strength of the baby. Pray that the baby will come into this world with a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him.

Please pray for the doctors and the nurses. Pray that they will use their God-given talents to the best of their abilities. Pray for their wisdom. Pray that they will have a gentle beside manner with the entire family during this time.

Thank you, dear friends, for lifting up our sweet friend "mzzterry" and her family!

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Mzzterry said...

Bless you, my sweet and caring friend. They sent her home from the ER....all she knows is they can't find a heartbeat, but she hasn't lost the baby "yet". She will not know anything until Friday. I know It is in Gods Hands, I also know He cares for the unborn, He knit this babe together in the womb. I appreciate the prayers, I believe with all my heart that my grandchild is in Gods sovereign plan.....that is a good place to be.

love & Hugs,