Friday, April 27, 2007


Today, I just want to sleep! I think that I'm getting sick with a sore throat, sniffles, and a double earache; and I am so worn out from the 25 hours of set designing! The musical was last night, and it was so great. The kids looked so cute, and they sounded great! The show from start to finish was MAYBE 25 minutes. All the hard work was worth it, right???

Sleep. That's just what I need, but is not meant to be. Today the telephone people have to come. We have been without phone service since SUNDAY. Today is FRIDAY. They did finally tell us the little trick of plugging a phone directly into the digital service modem, so it works in one room. However, I'm not sure plugging in and checking the messages was such a great idea. By Wednesday, there were 17 messages - all wanting something! Thankfully, not a lot of people have my new wireless number. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it that way or not.
Right now, I'm leaning toward not giving that sucker out to too many people! So anyway, the phone guy is coming between 8 and 5. I'd love to sleep but don't want pillow marks on my face. Don't you love how they can't seem to narrow it down to at least a two-hour window??? This broad time frame not only means no nap - it means no gym, no grocery store, NO FOUNTAIN SODA.

The phone guy is not Iron #3. Having to be here all day will actually probably help where Iron #3 is concerned. For some insane reason, I agreed to host a group of college kids in our home Saturday night. Clean sheets need to be put on all the beds. Mattresses need to be moved in and put on the floor. The whole house needs to be de-cluttered and cleaned. I also need to get snack food and breakfast. Ten. That is the number of kids I agreed to keep. Only five of them will actually sleep here. A family member near here agreed to sleep the other five so they could all have at least a mattress. However, we will be transporting, entertaining, and feeding all ten during all but actual sleep time. Ahhh...Iron #3. I could have said "no". The kids are not even from the university we attended! I just felt so sorry for the woman at our church trying to place so many kids on such short notice. It will be fun, and my own kids will love it. It's also an iron that will be gone from my fire by Sunday morning.

Now, if I can just make it through the double-header that Mr. Brownstone has tonight, and the two birthday parties we have tomorrow...I'll be ready for those college kids. At some point, I have
GOT to get to the grocery store! And sleep, sweet sleep! I really need some sleep!

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Audra said...

I hate it when they give you a huge window. Seriously, they could narrow it down a little! And yes, you need to learn to say no lol. :)

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