Friday, April 20, 2007


Does a blog count as another iron in the fire?

Time will tell. I've never been very good at journaling...too busy. :) I am a list-maker, however.
Lists help me keep all of the fire irons organized. Well, they at least make me FEEL organized, and they have the bonus of making me LOOK organized to other people. Ha! There lies the rub. People think I'm organized, so they keep handing me these irons... Who knows what they would think if they could get a really good look at the illegible mess on the paper. I'm one of those people that scribbles down thoughts that come much faster than I can write. As a result, sometimes I write really fast, I move around to different spots on the page, and rarely manage to get down a complete thought. Lists do, however - they REALLY DO - keep me organized.

Currently, all of the irons I've got in the fire are ones that I enjoy having heated. It's a nice feeling. Sure, it gets a little crazy sometimes, but even so, I feel happy in all the aspects of life right now. I'm not a soap opera and bon-bon kind of girl anyway - "Lost" and ice cream maybe - but not soap opera and bon-bon. It feels good to be busy!

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Audra said...

I, too, have way to many irons in the fire (and yes, blogging is another one lol) and i also love making lists. now if I USED them, I might get somewhere. :)

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