Monday, April 23, 2007


Tornado's scout troop. Whether it's a boy scout troop or girl scout troop is not of importance, so I'll leave out that particular information. What is important is that there are a LOT of them. It's not a small troop - 25 members to be exact. Regardless of their age - also not important - 25 kids is a LOT of kids.

Guess who is a scout troop leader. :) Now don't get me wrong...I don't ask that as a way to complain. I
love being a troop leader. I love the fact that my best jeans are currently covered with cement mix. I love the fact that there is cement tangled in my lovely long locks. The part I don't love is the cement on my favorite Aerosmith t-shirt. Actually, I might even love that, but I am sure hoping that it comes out in the laundry. I didn't remember that today was a cement activity. I might have remembered except I was at school working on those school musical sets all myself.

Lots of things are going on this week and the next few weeks. There are
so many things I could blog about but right now, but I still have cement in my hair, and I've got plans in an hour!

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Audra said...

LOL - hope the cement comes out. :0

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