Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Maybe someday these posts will actually be published on this blog for all to read, or for no one to read. I’ve written four so far and haven’t published a single one!

Why is that?

Fear. But…is it the fear of thinking that other people – people I don’t know – might potentially read them? Or is it the fear that NO one will read them? And then, if they DO read them, will they like them? Or will they think it’s the worst blog ever?


I'm being more indecisive with my drafting than the Minnesota Vikings were a few years ago in the NFL Draft!

The total will now be five unpublished thoughts if you include this one. It will soon be six, however, because I feel like writing and reminiscing today.


jenn said...

i totally get your fear.... i blog for me and me only....if someone wants to read that is just as fine as someone who does not. i do have to say that i have found a lot of support in blogging both in posting and in reading what others have to say.

keep at it - at least it'll give you something to do while your hubby is on xbox live - mine is addicted to his mac...guess that macs me an apple wife but that somehow doesn't sound so snazzy ;O)

Mrs. Brownstone said...

Thanks so much for your comment! My excitement grows and my comfort zone is expanding with every post.

I think that I would be addicted to a mac if I had one!

Passionate & Purposed said...

Don't feel bad. I didn't tell anyone I blogged for a really long time, not even my best friend - who probably knew most(if not all) of what I blogg about anyway...

Mrs. Brownstone said...

My friends (with the exception of a few) and family don't know yet either!

Thanks so much for your comment. I look forward to checking out your blog!

Audra said...

I understand fear (I'm a writer), but you have a wonderful sense of humor and I'm totally enjoying reading your posts (and not just to win something lol). I'll even be subscribing. :)