Saturday, October 27, 2007



I just got home from watching a Sam Anderson gig. (It was really awesome, by the way!) While brushing my teeth a few minutes ago, what do I see in the mirror propped right on top of my head? Sunglasses! Yes, that's night.

I'm not quite sure when sunglasses became an accessory for me, but lately I've found myself wearing them in the most peculiar places and at the most peculiar times. I apparently wore them all evening, and we didn't even leave the house to see Sam until after dark. I also find myself wearing them in church, at the movie theater, and even once during a yoga class with M4Mom and Rhino's Real Total Package. (I noticed them after the first few minutes when they dropped from my head during some weird pose.)

The worst offense, though? Well...that would definitely be when my hair just wasn't cooperating. I was - for some reason - possessed to grab the sunglasses just to push the ornery hair back from my face! To make matters even worse??? It was raining outside. Somehow I convinced myself that it was just. sunny. enough. to require the use of those stupid sunglasses.

They are not sophisticated.
They are not trendy.
They aren't even that cute!

Tim Gunn...please come to my rescue!

**If you haven't checked out the link for Sam in my sidebar, you TOTALLY should do it right now! can just click on any of the three times I've listed his name in this post, or you can even click right here. I promise it will be worth your time to take a listen!


Multitasking Mama said...

Oh, I love wearing sunglasses too. Even when it's overcast. I figure squinting in bright light (or almost bright light) can cause unattractive wrinkles, so why not protect myself? LOL

And when I come inside, they go on top of my head and stay there pretty much until bedtime. That way I know where they are if I need them. :-)

Rosheeda said...

*Gigglin' at you!*
You are so funny! I reset the comments on my other blog.. it should work now. Thanks for the heads up.

And incidentally, I'm the opposite. I hardly EVER wear shades - even though in Texas I could prolly pull it off year round if I wanted - much like I do flip-flops.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Ha--I love Tim Gunn. He could help me out a lot too.

Jenn said...

I have so lost so many pairs of shades because I keep forgetting and wear mine into church and then lay them down somewhere, only to forget where I have put them....I'm sure some kids have some great sunglasses taken out of the bible hour room!!

Amy A said...

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Amy said...

I am constantly finding my sunglasses on top of my head-- even as late as bedtime! I push them up when I come inside and forget all about them.