Monday, October 15, 2007


Today is "Blog Action Day", and while I do not consider myself a hardcore environmentalist, I do think that we should do our best to take care of the beautiful earth God has so freely given us on which to live. If I choose to hug a tree, I want to be sure and recognize it is because God made that tree.

Here are a few of the things that my family does to help preserve GOD'S green earth:

  • We do not need an SUV, so we do not drive one.
  • We carpool with another family every day after school.
  • We do not carry around a lot of "stuff" in our cars.
  • We have several LARGE shade trees.
  • We have solar screens on the windows of our home that are not near the shade trees.
  • We keep a hand towel near each sink.
  • We have a low flow shower head.
  • We keep the thermostats at a reasonable temp, and I don't use them at all when Mr. Brownstone is at work and the kids are at school.
  • We try to clean our air filter every 1-2 months.
  • We pack school lunches in Tupperware sandwich keepers - chips, fruit, all of it. This saves us money on zip-style bags, too!
  • We try really hard to keep the lights off and open the window blinds instead. We are also trying to teach this to the kids.
  • We use compact fluorescent light bulbs in a lot of our lighting, especially lights that tend to be on the most.
  • We do all of our laundry in cold water with the exception of towels, socks, etc., which is usually only one or two loads a week.
  • We drink tap water in refillable plastic bottles. We also use a smaller size bottle for the kids.
  • We never litter.
These are just some of the ways that we try to appreciate and care for what God has provided us. We also talk to our kids about caring for and recognizing the beauty, the wonder, the intricate and magnificent design of God's creation ~ this beautiful green earth!


Rhino's Real Total Package said...

Great ideas. We do much of the same. I love that not only do we teach these things at home, but the kiddos are learning it at school! I was actually reprimanded one day for grabbing a paper towel rather than a cloth one! THE SHAME!

Jenny said...

Great job! We are trying to be more environmental conscious wherever we can too.

I've tagged you in a meme if you'd like to play along.