Thursday, October 4, 2007


We are just about to finish up the sixth week of school, and so far my total for money-doling is $61.55!!

This does not include:

  • cafeteria money
  • the "voluntary" donation
  • book order forms
  • all outside activities (sports, scouts, etc.)
And the really sad thing is...we are not even remotely finished!
This total does not include the things that I know are yet to come:
  • field trips
  • fall pictures
  • spring pictures
  • carnival tickets
  • carnival donations
  • fun run fees
  • sock hop tickets
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.
It's easy to complain sometimes, but in all seriousness, I LOVE my kids' school. I love the office staff, the administration, the teachers, the building, the activities... I am so thankful for the confidence I have in our particular situation.

I think the thoughts I have about the amount of money that is going out stem directly from that mean old Dave Ramsey making us assign a name to every dollar! I'm just kidding about the mean and old part. He's not so bad, especially when you realize that he is helping you change the way you think about debt, cash, and saving ~ even if you thought you were good at it!


Monica said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly things add up and it never seems like there is anything to show for it.

Maybe you need a new spending category. The "School Blow It Fund":)

Daisy said...

It's tough, I know. I see the other side, too: I buy a lot for my classroom because I have a lot of low-income kids. Those families with a little to spare are so generous with it; they are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Monica's comment is hilarious! Dave Ramsey would be so PROUD of that envelope! I think it could even be shortened a bit. We have a 'blow' envelope for misc. stuff. What about a 'school blows' envelope? So tacky i know! Just another reason why you love being my friend, huh?

Does it drive you crazy when i don't bother to capitalize my i's when i comment on your blog?


Overwhelmed! said...

My sister swears by Dave Ramsey. I really need to check him out.