Friday, September 28, 2007


You will never believe this.

You might even be jealous!

I much good luck can one person have?


Since making my blog public, which was two weeks ago tomorrow, I have either won or inherited over $70,000,000!



Please...try to be happy for me.

If you haven't heard from Dr. Atiko Tijani or Mr. Daniel Vincent, don't be too upset. I'm sure you will. They both had clients whom are now deceased with no living relatives of which to speak, and they both have decided that little-old-me is worthy of inheriting their millions!
I have a feeling...they may have some money with your name written on it as well.

Yippee for us!

As if these two benevolences were not enough, Mrs. Rose Wood has emailed to inform me that I've won the
UK ONLINE LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL!! Now, I'll admit that it was not as exciting to receive the email as it would have been for Ed McMahon to show up at my front door with balloons and a giant cardboard check, but I won! I have also been informed by Sir Alan Clarkson from the Executive International Sweepstakes that I have won a very large cash prize, as my email address emerged from 250,000 addresses as one of two winners in the category \\\"A\\\. (I'm not good with the whole pounds to dollars thing, but let's just say I'm a millionaire...again.) I'm not familiar with the category \\\"A\\\, but who cares??? I won, and you are probably the other winner. I can just feel it! (Wanna go shopping for some Manolos later?)

Finally, to top it all off,
Mr. Guerino Marino has informed me that I have been chosen by the board of trustees for The Foundazion di Vittorio to receive a cash grant donation. I don't recall applying for a grant, and they didn't tell me what I should use the grant for exactly, so I guess I could use it for a down payment on a ski boat, or maybe a ski cabin. (I'm not sure if I want to go hot or cold yet.) I feel quite sure that Mr. Marino and the trustees might have a little something for you, too, as I am only one of the final recipients.

I would have published my blog long ago if I knew that it would bring me such fantastic luck and good fortune!

I really needed to lighten the mood around this place, and these fine - not to mention generous - individuals have given me the perfect opportunity!

Hope that y'all are having a blessed weekend! I'm off to spread some goodwill among men, do a little shopping, and then jet to Phoenix to look at a piece of oceanfront property. Tah-tah, darlings!


Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

LOL- loved it, loved it! said...

ROFL! You are so funny, Mrs. Brownstone.

Glad your grandma is doing well. The power of prayer is just grand!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Why, thank you!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! Mine has been great, as I've been window shopping to spend all of my new found wealth! :)

Passionate & Purposed said...


*I need to see if somebody loves me like that! I could use a few things* :)