Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sometimes a photo just begs for a name!

Chili at Don't Try This At Home is hosting a "Caption This" Carnival!

If you'd like to have some help coming up with the perfect caption for YOUR photo, then blog about it, include the photo, and link back to Chili.

Be sure and leave a caption for MY photo in the comment section here first!

I took the following photo on October 31, 2006, during a field trip to the zoo, and it really needs a great caption!

I will post my favorite on Thursday! Thanks for participating!


Michelle said...

How about "relaxing comfortably" or ready for photos?? great picture by the way ;=)

chilihead said...

I love that each of the lions is in a progressively more relaxed state. The one on the left is alert, the next one, a little dissmissive, and finally, the last one completely asleep.

Not really a caption, though, huh?

Dyane said...

Just "lion" around?