Tuesday, July 31, 2007


  1. I was awakened with a sweet kiss from Tornado. What an awesome way to start the day!
  2. Maybe that is the reason why I felt surprisingly refreshed after not getting much sleep last night.
  3. My toes did not tingle much when I climbed out of bed...
  4. Or when I walked out of the bedroom to find that Tornado and Twister had actually been cleaning! They had let me sleep in a little bit, and they were cleaning!
  5. When I opened the pantry door, there was food available for breakfast. This is a big deal because I have not been to the grocery store in awhile. The food supply is - needless to say - dwindling...
  6. Which means that the pantry, as well as the refrigerator and the freezer, are clean and organized.
  7. We were able to have a nice, quiet breakfast because Bow Wow Brownstone did not bark this morning.
  8. This means that we have found a solution to our bird problem! Fake snakes. Blake, Drake, Jake, Lake, and Wake Snake - of course, they had to have names if they were going to live in the backyard!
  9. We have something fun to look forward to all day today...
  10. Which means that I can relish the gift of having good and true friends!

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