Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hello!  I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit.  Please come in, and make yourself at home!

Yes, my hair HAS gotten longer.  Thank you for noticing!
Intentional?  Not really, it just grows so fast, and there hasn't been time for haircut!  
Ha! Ha!  No, I'm not going for a multi-colored look ~ those are just my roots showing.

Oops!  Sorry!  Let me just move those for you, and then you can have a seat.
Yes...I know.  I'm taking those to the donation station soon.  It's been hard to get over there before it closes.

Oh, did I forget to tell you?  I've been working some ~ there were some unexpected expenses, and then of course...bum-bum-bum...Christmas shopping.

Yes, Mr. Brownstone's car had to have a new radiator...and new tires...and valve replacement.
Is that all?  Oh, no, far from it. BowWow Brownstone had to have surgery.

Oh, yes.  He's doing quite well for a "geriatric" dog.  They say he has several more years to enjoy life with the Brownstones.
Thank you; we were so happy and relieved.  He's like one of the family!
Ha! Ha!  Yes, the kind that you put in the doghouse at night ~ unless is below 40 degrees or above 95 degrees.

Oh, girlfriend!  Don't even go there!  The telephones STILL don't work well, the Internet is temperamental, and the mobile phone...let's just say I could shed tears over it.  
Yes, the new computer is great...when I get to use it.

PTA?  The duties of my office are almost finished.  They should have been finished long ago according to the people that said it would be an "easy job".  
I KNOW!  They lie like cheap rugs!  But no...don't feel sorry for me.  It's nobody else's fault that I have a hard time saying "no"!  If I were them, I'd ask me, too.  I'm usually a sure bet.

Church?  Church is great.  We love where we worship!  It's crazy, though!  Teaching on Sunday and Wednesday is definitely keeping us hopping!  
Mr. Brownstone?  Oh, yes.  He helps ~ actually, you could say he does it,and I help.  

Right now?  He's outside grilling some burgers for us.
Mmm~hmmm.  He makes great burgers, and just wait until you try his homemade steak fries.

Scout meetings for two kids?  I'm not sure exactly.  Thankfully, they aren't on the same day, but even still it's hard to keep the days straight.  Luckily my scouting job is the same for both age groups.
You're too kind.  No, really, I'm not that organized.  In fact, Twister is missing an activity this week because I double-booked.
No, you're right.  It couldn't be avoided...but that doesn't take away the sting.

Definitely.  The other activities keep us even busier!
Sports here, creative arts there... 

Volunteer work?  Ha! Ha!  Isn't most of it volunteer?
Ha! Ha! Ha!  It's going well.  It's only every other week for right now because that is what works for their schedule.
I guess so ~ it probably is best for my schedule right now, too; BUT...I'd go every week if it worked out better for them.  It's definitely a blessing to be able to help!
Blogging?  Right now, it would be a guilty pleasure.  I don't know if it's good or bad (in this situation) that I'm not good at being guilty.
I know, I know.  Visitors have stopped visiting, followers have stopped following...  That's why it means so much to me that you dropped in for a visit.

Yes, it really does mean...  Oh, please excuse me for a moment.
Mr. Brownstone has the burgers and fries ready for us!
Mmmm...I know.  Don't they smell delicious?  I can't wait ~ some days there seems to be barely time to eat!


How to summarize the past few months?  I can't do it...just please pass the catch-up.


Jenn said...

You are so funny, my friend!! Love it...mainly because we are both so stinkin' alike!! :) The motto this year, "just say NO!"

HisFireFly said...

Thanks for the update!

I KNOW that God gives peace in the midst of storms, so ask and you shall receive!

Take time for Christmas joy,

with love,

Nieman Family said...

I am so glad you are ok...I have kept up with the ten things tuesday and will continue even if you don't or take a break so be sure to stop by and read. I need the moment to be THankful...for who I am and what I have. Thanks for being you...

Mzzterry said...

thanks, i enjoyed the "ketchup" post!!

mholgate said...

Funny, Funny! Well, I know it's not really funny when life is crazy. But still, glad to see you have kept your sense of humor!

Life has actually come to a stand still for the past few days here. We have two feet of snow. I have a hard time functioning when it gets this bad. But alas, I must forge my way to the grocery store tomorrow for we are lacking in milk and bread. Sigh.

Hang in there and thanks for sharing the burgers! I long for the days of Spring and Summer and grilling outside. : ) Hopefully I will get my indoor grill for Christmas this year!

Blessings among the crazies!

Rosheeda said...

Merry Christmas Jill!

Thanks for the update. I was just thinking that I hadn' seen a Merry Christmas post from you yet!

Enjoy this season, girl.


Vera said...

Hey! Haven't been by in a loooong time :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

JenniJ said...

Okay so after 3 months I finally got back to my blog, did my 10 things and went to link. Love your last entry. Glad I see you, occassionally, or I'd be worried.