Tuesday, August 7, 2007


  1. This morning, I awoke to children's laughter. How blessed I was to have such a beautiful sound as nature's alarm clock.
  2. This means that the roofing that was going on next door is now finished!
  3. The laughter was that of Tornado and a friend. It reminded me of how extremely thankful we are for this new friend who is an answered prayer for our child.
  4. Tornado and Friend have been very sweet to include Twister in every aspect of the sleepover.
  5. I am very sore today, which reminds me that we had a really good, busy day yesterday.
  6. Everyone is currently doing - without complaining - what I have asked them to do as we prepare to leave the house.
  7. This means that I have enough time to sit down and make this list before leaving for the next several hours.
  8. I can almost taste the donuts that will be a special treat since we have a guest this morning.
  9. We have something to which we can look forward today.
  10. This means that we are blessed with family near enough with whom we can spend time.

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