Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Please sing out loud and proud to the tune of "Welcome Back", the memorable "Welcome Back, Kotter" theme song written and performed by John Sebastian.

Welcome back...
Obstructed lungs were what kept me gone.
Welcome back...
To that same old place I once blogged for fun.
Well, the numbers have all changed since I wasn't around;
But my thoughts have remained, and I'm writing them down.
Who'd have thought they'd lead ya...
Who'd have thought they'd lead ya...
Back here where I need ya?
Back here where I need ya?
Yeah, you emailed me a lot 'cause you'd bookmarked the spot
Welcome back!
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Welcome back...
I always knew I could spot a friend.
Welcome back...
And I fret when I think how you must have been
'Cause I know what a mystery that I left in.
Was there something that made you come back again?
What could ever lead ya...
What could ever lead ya...
Back here where I need ya?
Back here where I need ya?
Yeah, you emailed me a lot when I vanished from this spot ~
Welcome back!
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

If you are too young to remember the tune of "Welcome Back", please do not rub it in too gleefully. If you are too young to have even heard of "Welcome Back, Kotter"...well, then you are definitely younger than me, and you missed out on a pre-Grease John Travolta, so I feel sorry for you!

If you are a repeat visitor, an avid reader, or an old friend, then "WELCOME BACK" to my blog! Thank you for your patience and for managing to find your way back here after my long absence. Was it "Just My Imagination", or did some of you actually miss me? I sincerely appreciate the comments and emails from those of you wondering where I was and if anything had happened. You truly were like a burst of "Sunshine On My Shoulders".

My absence began due to an asthma-related illness. (Just ask Lurch-Lady...first she said, "'Lean On Me'", and then she made me go to the doctor.
"That's What Friends Are For", right?) It was a "Nasty" couple of months for the old lungs, but I finally had to "Pick Up The Pieces", pull myself together, and say, "I Will Survive".

Never one for missed "Opportunities", I wished on a "Lucky Star", and then asked "Mr. Brownstone", "'Wouldn't It Be Good' if we could just get away from "Our House" and "Relax"?'
And Dear Readers..."Against All Odds" or not, "Don't Stop Believin'" because "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"! To my great delight, "Mr. Brownstone" said, "'Say, Say, Say', that's not a bad idea. I've been thinking that maybe we could go "Walking On Sunshine" and say "'Hey, Mickey'" while visiting Disney World." we flew to Orlando. It was definitely a "Thriller" vacation, and I surely had the "Time Of My Life"!

If you are a new visitor, then quite simply "WELCOME"!!! I hope that you will "Never Say Goodbye". Please choose instead to return "Time After Time", and "Take On Me" in your blog reading! It just wouldn't be the same around here "Without You".

"Time For Me To Fly"...I've got two forces of nature to wrangle in for bedtime, which is a process that at times causes my head to spin "Round And Round"! Come 9:00 pm, I am usually ready to "Enjoy The Silence".

Now that we are "Reunited", look for another post soon because I am "Into The Groove" again, and it's time to get back to "The Way We Were". So..."Get Ready"! It's gonna be a "Madhouse" around here! Let's "Jump", "Shout", and "Rock The Casbah"! "Let's Go Crazy" and party like it's "1999"! After all, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"!

since the theme here today is obviously "Songs from the 70's and 80's"...please, by all means, "Express Yourself"! I love comments!

"Best of My Love" ~
~ Mrs. Brownstone


Anonymous said...

very clever! I was getting tired of looking at that "distressed" furniture. Glad you are back!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Glad you're back and feeling better. I'm jealous of your vacation. I vaguely remember watching "Welcome Back Kotter" so the tune is sketchy, but I got the gist.

Rosheeda said...

OH YAY!!!! I missed you oh so much! And I do remember Welcome Back Kotter,by the ways!

Jenn said...

I LOVE it!!! You are so I have so many old songs in my head!!
MIss you, glad you are back to the blogging world!!

My name is Shelley Suzanne said...

To Canan's Land I'm on My have the c.t.p.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Welcome back! Take it easy now, but stay around - glad to have you back :)

Rachel Anne said...

Very Clever! Love it!

Jill said...

Okay... I didn't even know you had a blog until you left a comment on Shelley's! Anyway, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

"Friends are Friends Forever" whether you take a brief sabatical from blogging or not! What an awesome idea... you are incredibly creative. I LOVE IT! Welcome back sister!